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Building a car wash or oil lube center requires very specialized knowledge and experience. You want a contractor that has been there before and knows all the specific requirements, as each type of car wash carries its very own building criteria whether it’s a self-serve, self-serve with automatic, automatic, or conveyor tunnel (exterior or full-serve). Utility, site layout, traffic and production demands play major roles in developing a successful site. Therefore, preplanning and execution are key to making your project a success, so that you can effectively manage your budget, resources and bottom line.

G&M Efestos has been building car washes and oil lube centers for over 30 years, delivering the highest quality work for our customers. Our work speaks for itself - take a look through our gallery to see some of our recently completed car washes & oil lube centers.

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Car Washes Built By
G&M Efestos Include:
Ritz Wash-N-Lube, PA
Wash-N-Lube, Spring Garden PA
Wash-N-Lube, Upper Darby PA
Wash-N-Lube, Westmont NJ

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