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With more and more Americans opting to eat out rather than cooking for themselves, owning a restaurant can be an extremely profitable venture. Important things to consider in the journey for building and opening your own restaurant:

1. Develop a concept. This is the first step in building a restaurant since it can determine how much start-up money you need as well as what type of location will serve you best. Some people opt or a more formal dining establishment while others choose a casual or family-environment. When developing your concept you should decide what type of atmosphere you want, what type of food you will serve and what clientele you will cater to.

2. Secure funding. Once you have the concept or theme of your restaurant decided on, you can develop a budget for start-up costs. Many restaurant owners use small business loans to cover these costs until they can generate enough profit to maintain their restaurant and start paying back their loan. You do always have the option of using private investors or putting up your own money to start your restaurant if you have enough capital.

3. Find a location. Your concept for your restaurant will also help determine what type of location is best for you. Picking a good location for your restaurant is critical. A great concept with great food and service is not enough; people must be able to see you and be willing to come to where you are. Scope out neighborhoods to see where your type of restaurant might fit in. Try out different restaurants in these areas at different times of the day. See what type of traffic passes by, whether by car, bike or on foot.

Once you have made these important decisions, now is the time to select a builder. G&M Efestos is the perfect choice for building your restaurant in the PA, NJ and DE region. We have successfully taken restaurants from concept to completion, completing projects on budget and on time. We pride ourselves in achieving our client’s vision, from top to bottom down to the smallest detail. To see some of the recent projects we have completed, please view our gallery.

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Bars & Restaurants Built By
G&M Efestos Include:
45th St Pub, NJ
The Greek Lady, PA
Pat’s MVP Bar, PA & DE
Pinocchio's Beer Garden, PA
Whitman Lounge, NJ




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